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"It's only pretty if you look closely at it.

You have to look at it for a long time to realize that it's lovely.

You too, are like that."



ze:a (acronym for children of empire) is star empire’s 9 member boyband. they debuted in 2010 with the song mazeltov. ze:a is composed of junyoung, kevin, siwan, minwoo, heechul, taehun, kwanghee, dongjun and hyungsik. they were once divided as ze:a five (dongjun, minwoo, kevin, hyungsik and siwan) and ze:a 4u (kwanghee, taehun, heechul and junyoung). the fandom name is called “ze:a’s” (short for ze:a styles)

ze:a: mazeltov, level up, watch out, heart for 2, here i am, aftermath, phoenix, the ghost of wind
ze:a five: she’s gone, the day we broke up
ze:a 4u: nothing. you can listen to their title track here tho. (shame on u star empire)

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*cop pulls me over* 

"Sir, do you know how fast you were going?" 

"Nice. Nice. So are you a virgin?" 

If you wake up around 6:30 per chance, please look out the window for me.

♔ Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do, Heirs episodes 1-9